Our goal is to many bless hundreds of Haitian families with the gift of a dry home. Historically this has been accomplished by providing tarps however the current demand far outstrips the local supply and we have begun sourcing other materials, such as metal roofing supplies.


2021 Earthquake Relief

Project Story

On the morning of August 14th, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck near the on-going Hope Gate efforts in Fronfrede, Haiti. Many have lost their “homes” (as humble as they were) and need something to cover them when they sleep.

Past HopeGate campaigns have been centered around providing tarps when most south Haitian housing was simply blown away during Hurricane Matthew. During that campaign, we had a gentleman ask, “Are they [Haiti people] going to just cover their roofs on their homes with these tarps until they can get their roof repaired?” This is a logical question coming from an American who has never visited a third world country. However, these tarps represent the entire roof AND walls of a typical south Haiti home. They may find some sticks to hold up part of the tarp, but the vast majority of these people do not have ‘homes’ as would be defined in first world countries. The Haitian people are so thrilled just to be covered from the rain!

2021 Earthquake Relief

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