This is an ongoing partnership and Hope Gate is leading the way to make a difference for 302 little lives. $100 can change a child’s trajectory! We are confident that we will raise the $30,200 funds, as many loving people sense that they can help carry a small part of the load in a wonderful cause.

Paying All Staff
School Lunch For staff and students
School Supplies
Testing Materials



Project Story

NEED: Off the beaten path in Haiti, we discovered a wonderful group of people struggling to provide an education for 302 elementary age children in the Les Cayes area. Hope Source Community School of Millard was having to function with all 302 souls crowded in a huge tent! The tent was divided by makeshift walls and crude chalkboards. A lunch of flavored rice was prepared each day over a fire in a lean-to shelter. The staff was passionate and the leaders sacrificial. They were all doing their best in an impoverished environment with almost no outside support. We felt it was a worthy place to invest.

OPPORTUNITY: In fact, Hope Gate was formed as a result of our Haiti encounter. Now, we are striving to make a difference for 302 wonderful children by raising their tuition for the 2016/2017 school year. Believe this– they can go to school for an entire year for $100. A child’s lunch costs less than 10 cents a day! So we have committed to raise $30,200 to make this year a success!

Project “302” is specifically about increasing the operational funding for the upcoming school year. Operating expenses include:

  • Paying for all staff (principal, administrator, cooks, janitor, teachers, teacher assistants)
  • Lunch for all students and staff
  • Books
  • School supplies
  • Testing materials


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Project Gallery

We Reached Our Goal!

Project Updates

  • APRIL 22, 2017

    61,378 meals served to the students and staff since the beginning of the school year

  • DECEMBER 29, 2016

    34,640 meals have been served to the students in the first half of this 16-17 school year

  • AUGUST 10, 2016

    50% of our goal was reached!