Our goal is to raise $50,000 to send as many tarps to Haiti as possible. Normally we try and purchase all necessary supplies “in country” to stimulate local community economic health. Tarps were not available at the moment and the cost of transportation is very high. Help us bless hundreds of Haitian families with the gift of a dry home.

As Many Tarps As Possible

Tarp Housing

Project Story

NEED: The food shortage is worsening by the day as the farmers are quickly depleting their minimally salvaged damaged crops. Tarps are also at the top of list because most south Haitian housing was simply blown away during Hurricane Matthew. I had a gentleman ask me… “Are they [Haiti people] going to just cover their roofs on their homes with these tarps until they can get their roof repaired?” This is a logical question coming from an American who has never visited a third world country. However, these tarps represent the entire roof AND walls of a typical south Haiti home. They may find some sticks to hold up part of the tarp, but the vast majority of these people do not have ‘homes’ as would be defined in first world countries. The Haitian people are so thrilled just to be covered from the rain!

OPPORTUNITY: Thanks to Phil Strouse, a friend of HopeGate who works at the Atlanta Regional FEMA, we got connected to Kathy Fulton and Richard Sharpe of American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN). Kathy and Richard connected us with the number one buyer of tarps in America… Jason Grasser of Home Depot.

This “connecting” did take a little time, however, the end result is that we are now positioned to purchase high quality tarps (not the blue ones, they disintegrate quickly in the Haitian sun) at roughly a 60% discount. We will be purchasing the 16×20 heavy duty tarps, for sale at your local Home Depot for $49.48, for only $21.00 each! This process has placed us in relationship with some incredibly capable people, organizations and resources that have a similar passion as ours. Thank you to Phil, Kathy, Richard, Jason and Home Depot!


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We Reached Our Goal!

Project Updates

  • MARCH 31, 2017

    The tarps have been delivered to our partners and are being distributed to Haitian families in need.

  • MARCH 20, 2017

    The tarps are picked up from Port-Au-Prince for delivery to Les Cayes.

  • MARCH 14, 2017

    The tarps are delivered to Convoy of Hope warehouse near Port-Au-Prince.

  • MARCH 7, 2017

    The tarps were released from the port in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

  • DECEMBER 29, 2016

    530 tarps are now sitting in the giant warehouse of Convoy of Hope in Springfield, Missouri. We are humbled by the generosity of such a large organization to agree to ship about 7,568 pounds of tarps all the way to Les Cayes, Haiti. The tarps will be getting to Les Cayes sometime in January

  • DECEMBER 22, 2016

    Hope Gate advocates hauled the 530 tarps to Springfield, Missouri and unloaded them into the Convey of Hope trailer provided to us.

  • DECEMBER 21, 2016

    Hope Gate advocates met in Conyers, Georgia at Home Depot #0128 to collect the 530 tarps purchased.

  • DECEMBER 9, 2016

    We have raised enough money to purchase 530 tarps and are busy working with partner organizations to get them shipped to Haiti in the most cost-efficient manner.

  • NOVEMBER 28, 2016

    In just a couple weeks we have already raised enough funds to purchase and ship 420 tarps to the desperate families in south Haiti.