Project Goal: The irrigation system will boost the entire community. Most every family is a farming family. By providing irrigation to the 34 acre community farm land we will be minimizing the huge crop losses that come during times of drought.

A submersible deep well pump ($900)
A water transportation pump ($900)
A 5000KW generator ($1,600)
PVC piping ($1,500/km, need is 2-4 km)
The Primary Well ($10,000)

Irrigation System

Project Story

Because water is so important for life, health, and sanitation, HopeGate and our local partners in Haiti, David and Rose Bataille, have undertaken an irrigation system project that is designed to work in tandem with a 12,000-gallon water tower project. The tower was built in 2019 to provide the community with water. The irrigation system project was planned as a two-phase project. The first phase was the construction of the tower, and the second phase was designed to irrigate that water to people’s homes in the community, as well as the gardens that are close by. We were told that we could cover a 5 kilometers radius with the tower and irrigation system.  This is something that can be duplicated in many other communities, so we are excited to see it come to fruition. Donations will also be needed to do some repairs and improvements to local wells, as those are almost always necessary in this particular village. Part of the project is also designed to give out the necessary filtration systems for each home, as without these filtration systems, the water is largely unusable in the village homes. This project will affect more than 250 families/households, which literally means more than 1,000 individual men, women and children in Fonfrede could have their lives revolutionized by your generous contributions.

The major parts that are most necessary for this project are:

  • A submersible deep well pump ($900)
  • A water transportation pump ($900)
  • A 5000KW generator ($1,600)
  • PVC piping ($1,500/km, need is 2-4 km)
  • The Primary Well ($10,000)

To complete the project (depending on how far we want to reach with the pipeline) we will need $15,000 – $20,000. That may seem like an insurmountable goal for one person. But together, we can help bring life and abundance to this poor village, and all the men, women and children who live there.

In addition to directly helping more than 250 families with a clean water source, the irrigation system project will help many other people in Fonfrede, Haiti. From the people who work the tractors, the planters, people who weed and maintain, the harvesters, the person who owns land, the person paying to work the land, the people buying the crops to sell, and the people buying it at a much lower rate due to an abundance of food, this project could affect the entire village for years to come.

We plan on having each working farm that we supply water to tithe 10% of their harvest. We plan on distributing this 10% to the people in the community that are too elderly and feeble to work, as well as single moms and their children, and to people who do not have enough land to plant crops.


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