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What is Hopegate?

Hope Gate is a charitable organization that connects humanitarian partners with mission projects that help those in need. Our partnership projects focus on providing water, food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, and education to impoverished people. We desire to empower generous givers to participate in sustainable, global life-change. We help maximize the impact of all donated funds by resourcing existing field partners and organizations that share our vision. We believe that showing love to impoverished people and helping those in need follows the Biblical principles of love, and helps restore hope to those who were hopeless.

Our Partners.

Active Countries

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  • Haiti
  • Lithuania
  • Brazil

Who is Hopegate?

HopeGate works hard to connect with established and effective missionaries, indigenous leaders and frontline humanitarian efforts who are localized in the countries we have been called to help, and who share our mission for helping those in need. HopeGate is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit recognized by the IRS and is committed to ensuring that 100% of all designated gifts goes to the intended project.